Teaching Policies

Practicing - I am your coach in this adventure of learning to play the harp. You choose to learn and I will help you improve. However, without practice you cannot improve. Students are expected to practice at least six days a week. Depending on the skill level of the player different amounts of time per day will be required. For younger students I strongly encourage the help of a parent or guardian in daily practice.

Tuition  - Tuition is due on a monthly basis at the beginning of the month, payable by check, Venmo or the Square Cash app to LeAnne Bennion.  (leabennion@gmail.com on the cash app)

Missed Lessons - Missed lessons are not automatically charged but I must have a 48 hour notice before your lesson if you need to cancel. In the event that a lesson is pre-paid and rescheduled 48 hours in advance that lesson will then be moved to a later date. Except in extreme cases, if a lesson is canceled after 48 hours before the lesson that lesson will not be rescheduled and payment will still be applied to that lesson.

Recitals - I do provide the opportunity for growth and performance with recitals. Participation is optional but encouraged. There is no additional charge for recital participation

Sheet Music - Students are responsible to purchase their own music. I occasionally will give a copy of the first page of a piece to get a student started but it is with the expectation that the student will buy the music for their own library. Harp music can be found multiple places and primarily at https://vanderbiltmusic.com/ and https://www.harp.com/.

Email list - I will be periodically emailing parents and student’s information about upcoming concerts of interest to attend or workshops going on. If you would not like to be on the mailing list let me know.

Harp Purchase - I am here to help in this process and I do not charge additionally for these services. I am more than willing to meet you anywhere if you would like an opinion on a harp. I am happy to help you research harps and pick out a harp because I understand how much knowledge is sometimes needed to make such a decision.  The quality of your harp lends a great deal to the quality of your learning experience and I am more than happy to help in this process.

Teaching Method - I have been trained and I teach in the Traditional Method of harp pedagogy. My focus is to tailor each new piece or exercise to the skill level, advancement and interest of each individual student. I teach in the French or Gradjany style of technique.